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From the entire family at Mississippi's Finest, we would like to welcome you to our website.  We have taken every effort to design our website to be useful, as well as informative and honest. 

Mississippi's Finest is a social media website.  This site is designed to highlight our great state while offering useful information on positive and healthy living, news, sports and more.  To put it simply, we are your source for everything "Mississippi". 

Our Mission

Our mission at Mississippi’s Finest is a very simple one.  It is to provide you with the best information possible on positive and healthy living, with continued motivation on various categories throughout this website. This information is provided to help you and your loved ones live happy and healthy lives. We hope to give you a brighter picture of our great state and what it has to offer.

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Here at Mississippi's Finest we promote a safe, positive, and healthy lifestyle; hopefully, we have accomplished that goal.  Information accessible on this website is not intended to substitute for professional medical or psychological advice.  The information provided is only general/common information, that may be helpful to some people, but not to all.

For psychological or medical needs you should always consult with your personal physician prior to undertaking or changing to new diet or exercise programs.  Your physician is typically the best  person to evaluate whether or not a specific health suggestion or potential course of treatment is best for you.  Never disregard professional medical advice over something you may read on this site.

Mississippi's Finest is a registered trade and service mark.  All rights reserved.  The reproduction of any information or images is strictly prohibited. 

What Sparked Mississippi's Finest

This idea came about after Hurricane Katrina.  Seeing so many people come together for a good cause made us proud to be Mississippians more than ever.  We wanted to do something to display the hard work and effort of Mississippians,  so past actions sparked the idea of this website, highlighting our finest and offering encouraging words to motivate. 

Business Directory / Online Directory

Here at Mississippi's Finest we take pride in our state . One thing we can definitely be proud of in this state is our businesses.  These companies provide great services within the state.  They provide jobs that support us and our families.  Mississippi businesses also provide tax dollars generated through revenue.  These tax dollars help fund improvements needed throughout the state, including assistance for our schools.  When supporting these businesses you support our state.

Mississippi's Finest offers a directory that lists the different businesses in our state.  We list  a variety of businesses including appliance stores, repair shops, and even medical supplies. This directory is updated periodically.

Please be advised that Mississippi's Finest is not responsible any of the businesses listed in the directory.  Any services or products purchased from these businesses are the sole responsibility of that business or distributor.  Mississippi's Finest is not liable for any transaction made by third parties and businesses listed in the online directory contained in this website.  Please use caution when making any type of purchase online or otherwise.

Mississippisfinest.net reserves the right to refuse to list any link or web address to any site we deem inappropriate for all audiences.

External Links

This website provides links to external websites maintained by organizations not associated with Mississippi's Finest.  Once you access  information that links you to another website, you are subject to the privacy policy of the website you are then linked to.


Our pet page highlights the joys and responsibilities of owning a pet.  Our pet tails section spotlights a different pet every month.  These are stories from actual pet owners who adore their pets.  You can submit your pet tail by emailing your story and a picture of your pet to info@mississippisfinest.net

Mississippi Media

This page is dedicated to Mississippi's numerous media outlets.  Mississippi media was created to keep you informed about happenings around the state on local news, sports, and weather.  Please be advised that any information distributed by those outlets are solely the responsibility of those entities and their owners and not endorsed by Mississippisfinest.net.

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