Parents can be very strict and put a great deal of  pressure on their children. This is nothing compared with the amount of  pressure that comes with adulthood. Young men should learn to broaden their individual knowledge and moral values that are actually important in life.

Learning is a privilege that should be taken very  seriously, to benefit yourself, not anyone else.
Research demonstrates that school quality has a strong impact on individual earnings, on the distribution of income, and on the overall economic growth.
This is the time for you to prepare, strengthen and invest in your education. With no major responsibilities, all the time in the world and mom and dad there to endure the many challenges that you will face, you should  have no reason not to achieve this goal.
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All over the United States people debate the importance of school and what should be taught in school. The most important things you learn in life are not taught in a classroom, they are out in the real world, everyday situations that we learn and grow from.
The role of school is to solely prepare you for the real world. School gives you the necessary tools you will need to function in society. This is well noted next to good family values. This should be one of the most important elements that you focus on to  prepare you for adulthood.
Your educational background may be one of the things you are  judged on in life. Limited education leads to limited opportunities.

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Smoking and smokeless tobacco use are usually initiated during adolescence.
Drinking endangers adolescents in multiple ways including motor vehicle crashes, the leading cause of death for this age group.        
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"Education is the key to fulfilling your dreams."
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